Sunday, January 17, 2010

Isaac- Journal Entry to Mom

WOW-- I LOVE this!!!!! Isaac HATES to write-- so to get a WHOLE page from him was awesome!!!! LOVE YOU ISAAAC!!! Thanks for all your awesome work!!! I LOVE your story!! YOU ROCK BUDDY!!!!!
Journal Entry:
I love you too mom! I will tell you a story about a litle boy that was 5-years-old and his name was Adam and his older brother.  And his name was Isaac and the youngest is 3-years-old and his mom was 31-years-old.  They were going on a picnic .  They youngest ran off.  Everybody was looking.  Isaac found him.  He found him on the picnic blanket.  Then they went to the park . The little one wanted to play hide and seek.  So they played hide and seek.  They had fun.  The End

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Z and R Fitz said...

So cute! Is this a story about an event that really happened?